I love nostalgia and I like looking at personal websites, so of course I had to make one. There's not much here yet, but there's more to come. This is basically going to be a place to document whatever is on my mind or whatever I am currently interested in, seperate from the social media I use to present myself to the people that know me. I am, like many people my age, a social media addict and a victim of the modern internet. You can read more about my thoughts on this here.

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A group of owls is called a parliament.

Want your own? Visit hekate.neocities.org!

[5/12/23] Finished writing "take back your attention.".

[5/05/23] Made my "Other Websites" page more user friendly by replacing the drop down menus with pop up windows.

[4/18/23] Finally figured out how to center all of my shit on the screen. Yay.